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When did you write your last letter

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Jul. 6th, 2007 | 06:13 pm
location: Bangalore
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music: Two steps behind - Def Leopard

Time and tide waits for none.... Today we do not have time to talk to the person who is next to you. Forget about writing quality letter. Today we do not even write a casual letter. Writing quality letter is far away from our day to day lives.

But if you remember your last letter you have written, may be to your family, friend or the person you love or even can be a fan mail to any celebrity personality.

I wrote the last letter in 2004. Wishing happy birthday to a very close friend. The last letter was quite serious one, although I tried to make it more funny and pull my friend's leg.

But later, I never wrote to her. We moved from letter writing art to "fast SMS era". We used to send SMS and today that is also gone, we talk in phone.

But I personally think "Those were the best days of my life"... Tomorrow may be we'll continue talking in phone or chat or e-mail. Even we can talk face to face in person.... But the essence of writing good letter will never be fade in time. If we ever have a chance to write a letter, that'll be the best conversation between us.
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