Doggy Style

Last friday night I picked up one little puppy from road... It was too small and hungry. It came to me crying and I decided to pet it.

Me and manish_chaks brought it to my room and i prepared hot milk (powdered) and added some horlicks in it. The little fellow enjoyed it a lot.

Next problem, what is the name??? Manish told let's name it "Alexander". Coz he is the first emperor who reached SPHINX.

But Alexander the great being compared to a stray dog? Nooooooooo... So, that got postponed.

Problem is that the doggy started peein everywhere in room. Moreover it starts crying when it's left alone... It spoiled my sleep all over the night. Keeps on shouting.

So, I decided again *NOT* to pet it and return it to its mother. Finally I left it where I picked it up. I saw a mother doggy lying nearby with lots of puppies... Hope she's the mother of it...

This pic was taken by manish when I was trying to feed milk and horlics at night.
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Night Rider

I got my new bike recently.....

This is my bike :)

After that life has become just SPEED.... That's all.... And I became the "Rider" (Not a ghost). On new year eve we 3 guys went for a ride. Me, yojus_cool and charles_imp went for night ride. yojus_cool was sitting with me and charles_imp was alone on his Pulser.

It was 0300 hours and the Intermediate Ring Road was completely empty. So we started racing... For the first time my bike went above 100 KMph.

Whoa.... what a ride... Well, we were lucky that no cop was there to see us... When we reached koromongala, we were still above speed breaker was dead ahead, and when I went over it my bike literally flew in air. I felt weightlessness for few seconds. Then when I landed, it was amazing... The bike took balance like anything... Man... I just scared yojus_cool like anything.

But when I returned, my fingers were frozen.......... Had to turn on the oven and heat my hands and my face (burnt some of my hair). he he....
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Going to be a "Dewar" soon

My brother is finally hooked up.. hmm, it's quite late though.... he's quite old :P

Finally I got him to be engaged.... I went home for Durga Puja, and also the engagement ceremony is done....

Well.... I was ready to go for the event.....
Picture 116

Let's see the moments of the event one by one...

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My poem....... Yet another

I saw someone in a moonlight night
A tall slim silhouette came to my sight

May be I was dreaming, or may be it was my desire
Southern wind blew her hair; jasmine fragrance was in her attire

I was down, weary, too numb to stand
With her gentle slick fingers she held my hand

She took me to the moon, by the Mountain of Marolyn
Her beautiful face with a soothing smile was so serene

Cradled in her arms, staring into her eyes made of sapphire
I felt lost, like a sailor sailing amidst endless ocean in zephyr

She brought a rainbow in the cadaverous horizon of the moon
Cadence of her voice echoed like a guitar with a Hawaiian tune

Like a resurrected soul, wanted her to be with me
“Que sera sera”, I thought, “Whatever will be, will be”

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When did you write your last letter

Time and tide waits for none.... Today we do not have time to talk to the person who is next to you. Forget about writing quality letter. Today we do not even write a casual letter. Writing quality letter is far away from our day to day lives.

But if you remember your last letter you have written, may be to your family, friend or the person you love or even can be a fan mail to any celebrity personality.

I wrote the last letter in 2004. Wishing happy birthday to a very close friend. The last letter was quite serious one, although I tried to make it more funny and pull my friend's leg.

But later, I never wrote to her. We moved from letter writing art to "fast SMS era". We used to send SMS and today that is also gone, we talk in phone.

But I personally think "Those were the best days of my life"... Tomorrow may be we'll continue talking in phone or chat or e-mail. Even we can talk face to face in person.... But the essence of writing good letter will never be fade in time. If we ever have a chance to write a letter, that'll be the best conversation between us.
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My Ethnic look

Last Friday there was an event in my office.... Ethnic day...... All of us were in ethnic dresses....

Now see, how do I look :P




This is the toughest day I have ever had.... the whole day I was busy in keeping the dhoti under control.... each and every step I had to keep very carefully, so that it doesn't create any problem.....

Finally, when the event was over, I ran into men's room and immediately changed the dress... phew.....

My project in SF

Phidippides is going to be designed to serve as across platform Peer-to-Peer Instant messenger for a Local Area Network. It should operate between two systems even in different OS, It should support Text messaging, File Transfer, Chat room Facility.

These are the summary about the project:

Project Name: Phidippides
OS: Win 2k, Win XP, Linux
License: GNU GPL version 2

Have a look.......
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