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Night Rider

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Jan. 11th, 2008 | 02:18 pm
mood: excitedexcited

I got my new bike recently.....

This is my bike :)

After that life has become just SPEED.... That's all.... And I became the "Rider" (Not a ghost). On new year eve we 3 guys went for a ride. Me, yojus_cool and charles_imp went for night ride. yojus_cool was sitting with me and charles_imp was alone on his Pulser.

It was 0300 hours and the Intermediate Ring Road was completely empty. So we started racing... For the first time my bike went above 100 KMph.

Whoa.... what a ride... Well, we were lucky that no cop was there to see us... When we reached koromongala, we were still above 80KMph.one speed breaker was dead ahead, and when I went over it my bike literally flew in air. I felt weightlessness for few seconds. Then when I landed, it was amazing... The bike took balance like anything... Man... I just scared yojus_cool like anything.

But when I returned, my fingers were frozen.......... Had to turn on the oven and heat my hands and my face (burnt some of my hair). he he....

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