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But this is my look as a person, In LJ I have various looks...

So Many of Me!


Hmmm... It's time to introduce myself... Am basically a bengali, came from very ordinary family. Came to engineering field with the hope and self confidence and blessings of my parents and some good people, currrently staying in an over-hyped city (A never would be Metro). You know which city am talking about.

I studied my 10+2 in my home town. Later I completed my Computer Science & Engineering from a crapiest college in Karnataka...
Now recently am working in a software company in Bangalore as a Design Engineer. My field is Embedded Systems. And am fortunate enough that I got opportunity to work in Linux environment...

My Hobbies?? See my interest list please. for other info, just read my journal.

There is nothing to say explicitly about me, I am not a special person, Am not an actor, Am not a star... Am a proud member of a group called SPHINX. It's better to say about my group only. It'll be a better description, coz am a part of it.

“SPHINX” is perhaps the most wonderful thing to have ever happened to us during the past four years of our college life! It started with a small group which used to participate in various acting events inside the college. With time, it matured into a group of hyper-active stooges who could do anything from acting to singing, dancing, fine-arts, and literary works to presenting technical papers, develop software!!
During its existence it was the single largest group of multi-talented individuals in the college who lived everyday of their life to the true spirit of “Joie de Vivre”. This group’s entire talent will perhaps, forever, stay like a priceless pearl in the depth of ocean of life till eternity.
Que Sera Sera… we’ll never regret what we have done, coz “We have lived life to its fullest”.

I just love my group...

Joie De Vivre

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